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Who We Are
Who We Are

What We Do

We help students, both past and present, succeed and thrive. When students graduate from Black Hills State, they leave with more than just a fancy seal on a framed diploma. They take away the friendships, fun times, crazy times, hard times, inspirations, opportunities and challenges they encountered throughout their university career.

The University Advancement team consists of three branches: the Alumni Association, the BHSU Foundation and the Yellow Jacket Foundation. From helping connect donors and deserving students with scholarships to coordinating alumni events at our Homecoming Swarm Days for both students and alumni to enjoy, we are here to make strong ties that will benefit you.


About the Black Hills State University Foundation

The Black Hills State University Foundation is housed in the Joy (Proctor) Krautschyn Alumni/Foundation Welcome Center on the east edge of the campus at 1351 St. Joe Street. There is ample visitor parking.


Since its founding in 1975 the purpose of the Foundation is to raise, receive, hold, administer, invest and manage funds from donors wishing to benefit Black Hills State University.  The Foundation oversees the distribution to the University of these gifts and of the interest earned from the endowed funds.  The Foundation has a deep commitment to ensuring that funds distributed to the University are utilized in the manner that the donors intend.


The Black Hills State University Foundation is a 501©3 charitable organization exempt from federal income tax.  Contributions are deductible for federal income tax purposes in accordance with applicable law. The Foundation is a registered South Dakota non-profit corporation that is separate from the University. 


The Foundation carries out its responsibilities to BHSU with oversight by the BHSU Vice President for University Advancement and advice from the President of the University on funding priorities.  The Foundation Board of Directors participates in the development of policy and major-decision making at board meetings held two times a year.  New members are elected by the board to serve four-year terms. Board members bring their expertise to a variety of committees. 


Those serving on the Investment Committee have the responsibility for general oversight of the Foundation’s investment portfolio, which includes selection of the investment manager candidates and making recommendations to the entire Board of Directors for final action.  The BHSU President, the Vice President for Finance and the Vice President for University Advancement act in an advisory capacity and are ex-officio members of the committee.


The finances of the Black Hills State University Foundation are independently audited each year.  Auditors change from time to time.  Currently, Casey Peterson & Associates, LTD., CPAs & Financial Advisors of Rapid City, South Dakota and Gillette, Wyoming are conducting the annual audits.   Foundation staff members and board members share dedication to stewardship of gifts from donors and the auditors provide important oversight as well.


For the audits the Foundation staff is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.  The accounting principles include the design, implementation, and maintenance of internal control relevant to the preparation and fair presentation of financial statement that are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error.


The auditor’s responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on their audit.  The audit is conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards.  The auditors provide an Independent Auditor’s Report to the BHSU Foundation’s Board of Directors.  

About The Foundation
Meet Our Team
Christy Couch_edited.jpg

Administrative Assistant

Christy Couch

Christy will likely be the first person to welcome you when you enter the Joy Center, the home of the BHSU Foundation and Alumni Association. She is the program assistant and office manager.

For general information call Christy at (605) 642-6385 or  


Vice President for University Advancement


Steve, a member of the Black Hills State University Administration, is responsible for all aspects of University Advancement. Advancement includes Alumni Advancement and fundraising through the BHSU Foundation. Steve welcomes every opportunity to share the vision of Black Hills State University while working with donors, alumni, and friends to achieve their goals for helping to build excellence at BHSU. 

Call him at (605) 642-6228 or


Director of Development & planned giving


Shauna is ready to help alumni and friends learn more about possibilities for giving to BHSU. She is knowledgeable about many ways for donors to accomplish their philanthropic goals. Shauna meets with donors one-on-one both during her travels and through meetings on campus. 

Call her at (605) 642-6203 or


Director, Alumni Affairs 

Tom Wheaton

Tom leads the BHSU Alumni Association.  He welcomes alumni back to the campus for reunions and other events. On the road, he hosts alumni gatherings. He is always delighted to see alums who drop by his office to share fond memories or find out what is new at BHSU.

Call Tom at (605) 642-6446 or

Head Shot_edited_edited_edited.png

Director of Athletic Development & Revenue Generation

Keighton hatten

Keighton is ready to help alumni, friends, and businesses learn more about possibilities for giving to the BHSU Athletic Department. He offers several ways for donors to accomplish their gift-giving—both during his travels and through meetings on campus. Contact Keighton if you want to become a BHSU athletic sponsor!

Call Keighton at (605) 642-6460 or


Scholarship Coordinator

KANDA Guthmiller

Kanda oversees the scholarship award process, making sure that donor’s wishes are honored. She works closely with the Deans of the Academic Colleges. Also, she is the Director of Joy Center rentals.

Call Kanda at (605) 642-6335 or

Leah_Shockey 2024 small.jpg

Chief Foundation Accounting Officer

Leah Shockey

Leah oversees all accounting activities for the BHSU Foundation. Her work is a vital part of the BHSU Foundation stewardship of donor gifts.

Call Leah at (605) 642-6220 or

Meet Our Team

The BHSU Foundation Board of Directors


The BHSU Foundation, a non-profit South Dakota corporation, is governed by a Board of Directors.   The by-laws state that “The Board of Directors shall have entire management and control of the business of the corporation… “  The full Board, which can have up to 25 members, meets twice a year on the BHSU campus. Various committees carry out duties throughout the year.  The Directors are nominated and elected volunteers, who serve four-year terms.  Board members work hand-in-hand with the BHSU President and other campus leaders to bring private support to the mission and goals of Black Hills State University.  A list of current board members and their areas of expertise follows

Daryl Johnson

President of the Board

Expertise: entrepreneur, politics

Damian Ederhoff

Vice President of the Board

Expertise: CPA partner


Beth Benning

Secretary of the Board

Expertise: city finance officer

Harvey Krautschun

Expertise: financial planner

Sandra Addy

Expertise: fund-raising


Marla Barnard

Expertise: human resource executive


Tamara Burke

Expertise: financial advisor

Bruce Byrum

Expertise: bank president


Priscilla J. Dressen

Expertise: veterinarian


Judy Dryden

Expertise: special services director


Vincent P. Gravelle

Expertise: corporate CEO


Gary Johnson

Expertise: contractor/company president


John D. Johnson

Expertise: corporate CEO


Kathryn O. Johnson

Expertise: environmental consultant,

former SD Board of Regents 


Craig Katt

Expertise: media


Les Lindskov

Expertise: hospitality, ranching


Jim Moravec

Expertise: advertising


Wayne Mundt

Expertise:  energy business


Ron Meeker

Expertise: insurance, financial advisor


Julie Pechota

Expertise: Entrepreneurial ventures and sales


Roger Risty

Expertise: employee benefits


Charles V. Sederstrom, Jr.

Expertise: attorney

Board of Directors
Audit Reports

The finances of the Black Hills State University Foundation are independently audited each year. Currently, Ketel Thorstenson, LLP of Rapid City, South Dakota are conducting the annual audits.  Audit documents for prior years are provided below in PDF format. 

Audit Reports
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