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BHSU Wellness Center – Physical Fitness for All

BHSU proposes to construct a 15,000 square foot addition to the Young Center that will house a state-of-the-art wellness facility for use by students, faculty and community members.  Among the features of this space will be a cardio and weight lifting room, a yoga studio, group fitness rooms, a rock climbing gym and an outdoor equipment rental service.

More than ??,000 students attend classes at the BHSU Spearfish campus.  Currently they have access to very limited personal exercise facilities in the Young Center where the primary focus is on athletics.  In the sedentary atmosphere of a college campus many of more than 400 faculty and staff members also seek opportunities for exercise. Residents of the Spearfish area will have access to the Wellness Center through the purchase of memberships.


The BHSU physical education faculty and the university have long supported physical fitness for all students through classes emphasizing “wellness for life.”  This course introduces the importance and holistic nature of the six dimensions of personal wellness and fitness. The course provides the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed decisions that will lead to the development of a healthy lifestyle. Students have the opportunity to assess their current health status and identify potential risk factors.  The spacious, beautiful and well-equipped Wellness Center will send a strong signal to students that BHSU is making a dramatic move forward to nurture their physical well being as well as their intellectual development.


The new facility will feature large windows facing east to a stunning view of Lookout Mountain and the roof will feature solar panels, which along with other features will enhance BHSU’s already notable focus on environmental sustainability.

Funding Goals
Architectural Rendering
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