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Recruitment and Retention Campaign

$2.5 Million


$1 Million

A Big Win for Students as Capital Campaign Concludes and New Campaign Begins in 2021

On December 17, 2019 Black Hills State University celebrated the triumphant conclusion of the BHSU Foundation’s 2014-2019 fundraising campaign.  The campaign focused on scholarships resulting in a remarkable outpouring of support for current and future BHSU students.  Endowed scholarships amounting to $32,049,433 dominated the $45,113,949 total raised during the campaign.

            “Surpassing the established goal of the campaign—twice—is extremely encouraging to the campus and a sign of endorsement in the value of BHSU” wrote President Laurie S. Nichols in the December 17th celebration’s program.  Nichols referred to the initial announcement of the campaign on November 28, 2017 with the goal set at $23 million.  As gifts flowed in the first goal was surpassed and the goal was reset to $40 million. By campaign’s end that goal too had been surpassed.

            Donors with a strong commitment to BHSU’s mission were key to the campaign’s success.  Of those 23,790 donors 4,699 were first time donors.  Sixty-two new endowments that will provide support in perpetuity were established under the stewardship of the BHSU Foundation.

            Throughout the celebration campus leaders expressed their gratitude and stressed the impact that the outpouring of gifts will have on the BHSU for years to come.  The theme of the campaign was “Because of You Anything is Possible.”  At the December 17th celebration BHSU Vice President for Advancement Steve Meeker commented “We quickly found out that anything was indeed possible as we flew by our goal.”  The foundation has now shifted its priority to scholarships that can be awarded immediately by raising an additional $2.5 million over the next five years (2021-2025) to be awarded to students over the same time period.  Just $1.5 million is needed to fulfill this campaign and you can assist by clicking on the give now button to give.

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